Project Spotlight: ASU's McCord Hall

Project Spotlight: ASU's McCord Hall

ESD provided MPE Engineering, LEED Design and  Commissioning for McCord Hall, the new 129,000 SF Business School Facility at ASU's main campus.  With a certification goal of LEED Gold, the 4-story building will be buzzing with students fall semester. The facility will serve both the W. P. Carey School of Business MBA and Undergraduate students with state-of-the-art classrooms, lecture halls, research centers and break-out rooms suited for 21st-century business education that spur learning, communication and collaboration; technologically advanced team-study rooms; common areas and offices; outdoor assembly areas that enhance student community; and world-class conference rooms particularly appropriate for public conferences and executive education.

The mechanical system design objective was to create and maintain a healthy indoor environment, as well as to be energy efficient and support ASU's requirement for sustainability. A "Displacement Ventilation System" was designed and fulfilled all of those objectives. Conditioned air is supplied to most of the building from underfloor plenums, rather than from the ceilings, which is typical for most other system designs. This system design provides:

-- Ability of the occupants to control their environment

-- Reduced energy consumption due to:

- Higher supply air temperatures.

- More hours per year to use outside air for cooling.

- Lower fan motor horsepower/lower duct static


-- Airflow patterns that "purge" occupied spaces.

-- No airflow drafts.

-- Variable supply airflow.


Mike Nixon, W. P. Carey Business School's Director of Facilities and Space Planning has stated on the W.P. Carey's construction blog, "McCord Hall will be probably the healthiest and most efficient building on campus... The indoor air quality will surpass any other building at ASU, and once we get used to it we won't be happy anywhere else."
ESD also provided building energy modeling, solar shading studies, and the evaluation of glazing and architectural elements which resulted in reduced energy consumption.
For more information, please visit the W. P. Carey School's  Construction Blog, Inside the Fence, The McCord Hall Construction Story .
*image is a video still of the live stream of the construction site.