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energy plants


Central Plants, one of the major energy users in any building or structure, are the heart of the environmental

cooling and heating system. Proper design of central plants will result in a major reduction of heating and

cooling energy required by any facility. Analysis of the overall life-cycle costs of a central plant benefits the

Owner in terms of learning the expected total cost and energy efficiency. This encompasses everything from

infrastructure design and component selection to commissioning and maintenance of the central plant. At

ESD, we strive to design and engineer each of our projects to exceed the expectations of our clients and get

the most out of energy plant components to the end of their useful life. By designing an efficient central plant,

we help the client save on energy as well as life-cycle cost to operate and maintain their facilities. Because of

our dedication to effective design, we have built long-term relationships with many of our clients who continue

to use our services year after year on existing and new projects.

Arizona Department of Public Safety Forensic Sciences Lab Chiller/Cooling Tower Upgrade,

Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Department of Revenue Chiller Replacement,

Phoenix, AZ

Arizona State University Polytechnic Chillers/Central Plants Upgrade,

Mesa, AZ

Central Arizona College Superstition Mountain Campus Central Plant,

Apache Junction, AZ

City of Scottsdale Water District Himovitz Building, Chilled Water Building Mods & Mechanical CX,

Scottsdale, AZ

Desert Schools Federal Credit Union Central Plant Upgrade,

Phoenix, AZ

Early Warning Systems Chiller Addition,

Scottsdale, AZ

FAA North Terminal, Replacement of Air Handling Unit; Replacement of Chiller Boiler,

Phoenix, AZ

MaricopaCountyCommunityCollegeDistrict’sCentral Plant & InfrastructureUpgrades for 10Campuses,

Metro Phoenix, AZ

Maricopa County Courts Complex Replacement of Chiller #5,

Phoenix, AZ

Maricopa County East Courts Outside Air Modifications,

Phoenix, AZ

Monarch Apartments Mechanical System Replacement,

Phoenix, AZ

Motorola Mesa Central Plant Chiller #3 and #4 Replacement and Upgrade, Chiller #12,

Mesa, AZ

Peoria City Hall Central Plant Renovation,

Peoria, AZ

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Terminal 3, Chiller/Cooling Tower Replacement,

Phoenix, AZ

San Diego Padres Training Complex, Central Plant Replacement,

San Diego, CA

South Mountain High School Central Plant Equipment Upgrade,

Phoenix, AZ

SRP PAB, ISB, Crosscut and 27th St. Facilities Central Plant Upgrades,

Metro-Phoenix, AZ

Wells Fargo Plaza Central Plant Replacement (27-story High Rise Building),

Phoenix, AZ

Wells Fargo Service Center, Chiller Replacement,

Tempe, AZ

Climatec Headquarters Chiller Plant

Peoria IT Building Cooling Fans

SHOC Central Plants

City of Peoria Cooling Towers

South Mountain Community College Central Plant